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You can now view historical clip data

Just a small update to let you know you can now select a date and range from the clips page.

There was a couple of other minor changes around the site so usual drill, if you see something break let me know.


Reddit share links and welcoming Andre_Awesome

Reddit share links

So I pushed an update today which adds a Reddit share button to all clips on the site. Clicking it will take you to the submission page using the clip server name and clip title for the title and the clip url as the submission url. The subreddit defaults to /r/rpclipsgta and I would encourage you all to share any clips you enjoy on there.

New staff member

Andre joined us a few weeks ago and has been helping particularly with Twitch RP and Family RP Public data as well as other areas of the site. I had been meaning to get around to making an announcement but have been busy as of late, but better late than never. Sorry it took so long :P

Charity Stream

Andre also is currently doing a 13 hour charity stream for extra life, so be sure to drop by and wish him good luck. Andre and JoeNumb3rs are competing to see who can raise the most for charity and have raised a lot in past years in such events. Extra life is a great event that most of you are probably aware of but if you aren't you can find more info here

In closing

Hope you are all enjoying the site, we are still always looking for anyone who wants to help or has ideas or feedback.

Also a reminder we have a discord now, I have been neglecting it but I would love to see it as a place where ongoing rp is discussed and shared with others.

Hope you all have a good weekend.

Last updated at 2018-11-11 09:37:11

Welcoming our first staff member and we now have a discord.

Just a quick blog to welcome our new staff member Bacon_Space. Bacon reached out to me a few weeks ago with interest to help out with character data and other general site stuff. At the time I didn't have a system in place but today we have launched an admin panel with roles. He has already been busy adding characters and as you can see on our new staff pages here.

I am sure many of us watched SilentSentrys 14?15? hour stream or at least as much of it as we were able to. When watching it however I felt compelled to do something I have sort of been pushing off for a long time. I have often wondered if I should push a community aspect to the site, a place for discussion and showcase of RP (primarily GTA RP). It seemed like a lot of work with potential pitfalls along the way and definitely not something I could do alone.

These two coinciding events have resulted in a fairly fleshed out back end for the site. It is a bit bare bones but it has room for growth. I actually also created a discord a few months back but have decided to finally go forward with it. It is for site related discussion and just any GTA RP discussion in general. Ongoing happenings or good history links of events would be great but as it is a place for the community we shall see how it is received and what people want from it.

If anyone else would like to help the site in whatever way please feel free to contact me via the feedback form or join the discord and let me know. I am fully open to things we currently do not provide but people want to offer. Want to write articles? Write showcases of clips / blogs of events? Alerts of interesting live events curated by staff? Make a CSS theme that doesn't look like its from 10 years ago? Lets talk.

Hope you are all enjoying the site.

Edit: Oh and the discord link can be found here and in the menubar.

Last updated at 2018-09-21 20:20:33

There are now clips! They also act as bookmarks to vod history.

This is a long blog and it seemed fitting to have a clip of the new clip features for those who prefer not to read my walls of text.

I did a tiny stream showcasing the jump to clip vod history functionality which can be found here.

As some of you may have noticed by now there are now clip listings for servers and streamers. Along with a new item in the ever growing menu on the top left.

Really observant people may have noticed that the page has been changing a bit here and there which is why I haven't posted about it so far. I was unhappy with a few things but I feel it is now more or less in a good enough place to showcase it. Most of the ui / web frontend is in a fairly good place as is clip discovery.

What's new

So now we have clips associated with servers, lists of the clips which are sortable with range options and they link to the servers history page at the time the clip is from. The history page you are linked to is locked to the clip time, hovering will show that moment from the vod you are looking at and opening any of the vods will open them at that time unless you disable show only relevant or use shift to free roam.

There have been many changes since the feature was first launched a month ago so if you saw a bug or something that you didn't like consider checking out the features again, hopefully you won't run into any further problems.

Bit of background

Initially the clip discovery code just polled grand theft auto by day / week / month every half an hour but this didn't collect enough clips. I then remembered that you could filter based on clip language, so I added that and it helped discovery rates a bit. I would occasionally find a clip on reddit however that my app hadn't grabbed so the app will also checks every streamers clips that have played on a tracked GTA RP server in the last 24 hours and it does this every hour. The GTA clip polling checks the...

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Last updated at 2018-08-26 23:14:30

New options menu and stream list features

As some of you may have noticed there is a new options menu, with it comes a slew of new options for the stream list page.

The old options menu was hastily put together when the site was first made and long needed to be replaced.

Don't panic however as hopefully all your old settings have been converted to the new format.

There are probably still some bugs I need to workout so if you notice any let me know via the feedback form.

I have been wanting to add more servers for awhile now but have long worried about lack of features to tailor what you see or when you are notified of events. This issue is magnified on the all gta rp subdomain.

You can now reorder servers, customize notifications based on what server they are related to and hide servers among other things.

Some of the features are mainly useful for using the non server specific stream list but I have also added in more polish and general options that weren't available before. If there is something you would like to be able to configure or have any other suggestions let me know via the feedback link.

A couple of tips

Hover over options for more explanation

You can click the label describing an option to select the option element

Click and drag servers in the stream list > streams option page to include them or exclude the from the stream list page.

Changing to a different options tab / panel attempts to save any changes you have made.

Errors during saving will need to be fixed before proceeding.

Testing notifications displays changed settings but does not save them.

Closing the options dialog will discard any unsaved changes.

Options are domain specific.

In the future

I will make a blog in the coming days going into more details perhaps with a gif or two but hopefully the settings and new options menu are self explanatory.

I will also be making a poll of some sort to see what servers people would be interested in me adding next.

Oh and I added OCRP as a server on the main page too.